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Water purification industry ushers in opportunities for development


Yesterday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the 2012 China Environmental Status Bulletin.

According to the communique, the quality of water environment in China is not optimistic: among 4929 groundwater monitoring sites in 198 cities, the proportion of poor and extremely poor water quality monitoring sites is 57.3%. Drinking water sources and surface water in rural areas are polluted to varying degrees. The increasingly severe situation of drinking water safety makes more and more consumers begin to focus on household water purification products. In the future, China's water purifier industry will usher in significant development opportunities. The industry expects that China's water purification equipment market will reach 4.28 million units in 2013, an increase of 64.6% over the previous year, and reach 110 billion yuan by 2020. With the improvement of people's demand for health and quality of life, the market demand for water purifiers is also increasing rapidly.

According to Zhongyikang statistics, the total scale of water purification equipment in China reached 2.6 million units in 2012, while the retail sales in January-March this year increased by 29.45%, 22.61% and 43.40% respectively. With the increase of sales, the brand, style and performance of water purifier are developing in a diversified direction. In addition, the implementation of the new "Drinking Water Sanitation Standards" in 2012 has raised consumers'attention to drinking water safety, and to a certain extent has led to the rapid development of the water purification market, which will continue to have a positive impact on the development of the water purifier industry.

After nearly 10 years of development, China has become one of the global water purifier manufacturing centers. However, at present, the popularization rate of water purification equipment in our country is still relatively low, the actual utilization rate is less than 5%, far less than the household popularization rate of water purification equipment in Europe, America, Japan and Korea, which exceeds 70%. The market prospect of water purification equipment is broad and the growth potential is great.

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