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The difference between water dispenser, water purifier and pure water machine

The difference and advantages and disadvantages of drinking fountains, water purifiers and pure water machines
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Nowadays, there are many types of products in the water appliance industry, but when it comes to the difference between water purifiers, water dispensers, and water purifiers, many consumers will be confused, and they are confused when they choose to buy. What is the difference between them? What? Which one is better to buy? In fact, it still depends on the needs of consumers and the quality of tap water. The following editor will tell you about the general differences, so that you can choose and buy.
Drinking fountain
The drinking fountain is a device that raises or lowers the temperature of barreled pure water (or mineral water) and is convenient for people to drink. Generally speaking, it is placed in the living room at home or in the office, and the bottled water is buckled up, and then heated by electricity to facilitate people to drink.
Advantages and disadvantages of drinking fountains
The advantage is that it is more convenient, but the disadvantages are reflected in three aspects: first, the water boiling temperature is insufficient, the temperature reached by most of the water diversion functions is 95 degrees, the re-boiling temperature is 90 degrees, and the temperature for sterilization of the tea is not enough; The warm water of the drinking fountain is heated repeatedly to form the so-called "thousand boiling water", which causes the trace elements and minerals in the water to accumulate to form insoluble particles; third, it is difficult to clean the inside of the water diversion machine, and it is easy to accumulate scale and bacteria.
Water purifier
It is installed in the kitchen where there is a water supply pipe in the home (usually placed under the kitchen cabinet) and connected to the tap water pipe. The gradual filtration function of the "ultrafiltration membrane" removes harmful substances in the water, and the filtration accuracy is 0.01 micron. The filtered water achieves the effect of drinking. Generally speaking, a water purifier can replace a water dispenser, because you can make water that you can drink directly, so you don't need to buy bottled water. The better is five-stage filtration, the first stage is filter element, the second and third stages are activated carbon, the fourth stage is hollow fiber membrane or ceramic filtration, and the fifth stage is refined activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste.
Advantages and disadvantages of water purifier
The advantages are simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life of the ultrafiltration membrane filter element, large water output, etc., no motor, no power supply, and filtration driven by water pressure. The water quality retains the minerals in the tap water (but the minerals in the tap water) There are good and bad. The minerals needed by the human body cannot be obtained only from tap water). The disadvantage is that it cannot remove scale and the filter life is relatively short (for example, the life of PP cotton is 1-3 months, and the life of activated carbon is about 6 months), so it is suitable for use in areas with better tap water quality.
Pure water machine
It is a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, pure water produced by filtering raw water (physical method) without adding any compounds. It can filter out all the substances in the tap water, which is equivalent to the pure water we buy. Compared with the water purifier, the water purifier can only filter out impurities, etc., and the water purifier also filters all harmful and harmless minerals in the water. Lost. It is generally five-stage filtration, the first stage is filter element, the second and third stages are activated carbon, the fourth stage is RO reverse osmosis membrane (this is the core) for aerospace technology, and the fifth stage is refined activated carbon, mainly used for Improve taste.
Advantages and disadvantages of pure water machine
The advantage is that the purified water quality can reach the standard of pure water, scale and all impurities can be removed, and the reverse osmosis membrane can be continuously washed to remove pollutants to extend the service life of the membrane, but the filter element must be replaced. Its disadvantage is that waste water needs to be removed when working, and 3 cups of waste water are discharged for each cup of water purified. At the same time, the water purified by the pure water machine is too pure and lacks trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and it increases in the process of work. The pressure pump needs to consume electric energy.
In fact, no matter whether it is a water purifier or a pure water machine, any one can not fully meet all the water needs of the family. Normal domestic water can be divided into domestic water and drinking water. The scientific treatment method is to install an ultrafiltration membrane water purifier. Add reverse osmosis membrane pure water machine. The ultrafiltration membrane water purifier is mainly responsible for purifying the domestic water of the whole house, including washing, cooking, soup, bathing and other domestic water. The reverse osmosis membrane water purifier mainly purifies direct drinking water, which is ready to drink, instead of boiled bottled water.children safety lock water dispenser