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How to drink water to be safe


Bottled water and bottled water are both packaged drinking water, as long as they comply with regulations, they are safe
  ·The most worried thing about drinking water is microbial contamination. It is recommended to pay attention to hygiene when drinking water. It is best to drink after heating and boiling.
  ·Household water dispensers may be contaminated by bacteria during use, and need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly
   Now, many families use water dispensers to drink water, and some even order some bottled water. However, when it comes to drinking water safety, many people will wonder: Is bottled water safe? How should I drink the water in the drinking fountain? What is the difference between drinking fountain water and pure water and mineral water? Can it ensure safety and health?
   Generally speaking, there are three main sources of water for household drinking fountains: bottled water, self-filtered tap water, and tap water.
   For bottled water, from the perspective of sanitation standards and supervision, the bottled water ordered from the water station and the bottled water bought in the supermarket are actually the same. According to my country's standard for packaged drinking water (GB19298-2014), both bottled and bottled water belong to packaged drinking water. Therefore, there is no essential difference between bottled water and bottled water such as purified water and mineral water that we usually drink. It is just a different container. As long as it is a compliant product, it is safe.
   Filtered water refers to the tap water that some households use drinking fountains to take, filtered and heated to drink. This kind of water belongs to the tap water filtered by the household filter. In addition, some families will directly use tap water to heat and drink. As long as these two kinds of water are heated and boiled, they can usually be consumed with confidence.
However, what needs to be reminded is that in order to drink safe and secure water, if you buy bottled water, you must go to a regular water station to buy and choose a reliable brand; if you filter the tap water yourself, you must choose a filter device with guaranteed quality. And replace the filter element regularly; if you drink tap water, it is best to heat it up every time before drinking.standing hot and cold