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What are our drinking methods?

As everyone's living standards gradually improve, and know the importance of filtration and heating, drinking healthy water has become the focus of everyone's attention.
①Boil tap water
Plain boiled water is water that is heated and boiled and then let cool. Since the boiled water can kill bacteria and microorganisms during the boiling process, plain boiled water is currently the commonly used way of drinking water. However, the "corpses" of the killed bacteria and viruses still exist in the water. After entering the human body, they become the "heat source" in medicine. The common causes of "anonymous fever" in clinic are mostly from this.
②Bottled water
Bottled water is purified water that has been processed and filtered. Since it cannot bring in rich material supplements, long-term drinking will lack vitamins and other trace elements required by the human body.
Generally, bottled water needs to be used in conjunction with a drinking fountain, but because the proper temperature of the water and air in the drinking fountain provides conditions for bacteria and reproduction, it is recommended to drink the bottled water within five days after it is opened. The secondary pollution of water does not include the use of inferior barrels by bad manufacturers and repeated heating of "thousand boiling water", which directly pollutes the water source.
③Mineral water
Mineral water is unpolluted underground spring water that naturally emerges from deep underground or has been exposed artificially. Due to its convenient access to mineral water and rich mineral purification and trace elements, it has become a daily drinking channel for the new generation of families.
When mineral water is heated and boiled, trace elements such as calcium and magnesium are easy to form scale and precipitate with calcium carbonate, which not only loses calcium and magnesium, but also causes sensory discomfort, destroying mineral water calcium and magnesium and other elements in ionic state at room temperature. In addition, the short shelf life after opening the bottle, the high unit price, and the need for separate storage space are also more troublesome problems caused by mineral water.

④Water purifier
Water purifiers are often used for kitchen water, and are divided into two types: under the kitchen and desktop, but no matter which type, it can only filter the water.
1. The under-kitchen water purifier is often installed in the cabinet under the kitchen. When using the under-kitchen water purifier, just turn on the faucet to get clean and good water, which is convenient and simple. However, the inability to heat the water purifier is the biggest pain point. Even some manufacturers are equipped with special faucets in order to sell the water purifier, which makes it impossible to use other water purifiers.
2. The desktop water purifier is placed directly on the table, one connected to the water inlet and the other connected to the water outlet. The overall installation is more convenient and the water output is large. It is generally used for kitchen cooking/vegetables, although the water purifier can reach The standard of healthy water, but still does not achieve the purpose of direct drinking, it is best to boil before drinking.
⑤Drinking machine
Drinking machine is a product that has gradually become popular with the improvement of living standards. It optimizes some of the pain points of the above four drinking methods. It can be heated while filtering. It is specifically divided into three types: desktop, vertical, and embedded.
1. The desktop water dispenser is relatively small and can be placed on the table or hung on the wall, and the water will be relatively clean. Now many desktop water dispensers also have adjustable temperature control, but each time they drink water, they need to be manually connected. Water/pouring waste water is troublesome and at the same time occupies space on the countertop, and there is a risk of spilling water.
2. The vertical water purifier is relatively large, similar in size to the ordinary water dispenser. Because the water tank is small and the water quality is relatively fresh, it is generally suitable for living room or public places. Drinking water is very convenient but it has to be accessed separately. Water pipes or drainage pipes, if it is not a newly renovated house, the pipelines are not very beautiful. However, it is inconvenient to drink water if it is placed in the kitchen and the surface will be greasy with oil fume.
3. The embedded drinking machine is a product that has only recently become popular. As the current home improvement is gradually moving closer to the overall kitchen, the supporting embedded products have gradually risen in the past two years. The embedded drinking machine is hidden while matching the overall cabinet It is a new drinking water product that perfectly solves the pain points of desktop and vertical water purifiers without manual water connection/pouring of waste water and can realize temperature adjustment. The disadvantage is that it requires built-in cabinets, which are generally used in newly decorated homes.