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How to disinfect the water dispenser?

How to disinfect the water dispenser?
People drink barreled water charts because the water quality is pure and healthy. But if the water supply link of drinking water machine is not thoroughly disinfected, it will also lead to secondary pollution of water quality. Even some manufacturers equipped with professional personnel, disinfection process is not necessarily fully qualified.
Specifically, the disinfection of drinking water machine should be divided into the following steps:
First, unplug the power plug, remove the bucket, open the sewage pipe behind the water dispenser, and drain the residual water, because the residual water in the sewage pipe is the key to secondary pollution of the water dispenser. Then, turn on all the drinking water switches to drain the water.
Second, clamp the alcohol cotton with tweezers and scrub the inner gallbladder of the water dispenser carefully. Because of the direct contact with air, the inner gallbladder of water dispenser is easy to accumulate bacteria. Scrubbing with alcohol can remove the above dirt and prepare for the next disinfection.
Thirdly, dissolve 300 ml disinfectant into about 2 liters of water, then fill the inner gallbladder of the water dispenser, and place it for 10-15 minutes.
Fourth, turn on all switches of drinking water machine, including sewage pipe and drinking water switch, and drain disinfectant.
Fifth, flush the whole cavity of the water dispenser continuously with 7-8 liters of clean water, open all switches and drain the flushing liquid. Some people only use 1 liter of clean water to wash is not enough, will make disinfectant residue in the drinking water machine.
Sixth, scrub the back wall of the switch with alcohol cotton. When water is filled with a cup, it is easy to touch the back wall of the switch of the water dispenser. You can't just scrub it with a cloth.
After disinfection of the drinking water machine, there may be a trace of residual disinfectant, which can not be drunk immediately. A glass of water should be put in first to smell the smell of chlorine. If so, water should be put in again until the odor of chlorine can not be smelled before drinking at ease.