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The water dispenser is super easy to clean

As the saying goes: People can skip meals for a day, but they cannot drink water for a day. Water is the source of life, so healthy drinking water is very important. But, is your drinking fountain clean? Have you cleaned it regularly?
Surveys have shown that many households hardly clean the drinking fountains, and in the households that do, they simply wipe the body shell. The cleaning effect is limited, making the drinking fountains a "germ of bacteria" and slowly threatening our health.
So, how do we clean the drinking fountain?
Cleaning frequency:
If the inner tank of the traditional water dispenser is not cleaned for more than 3 months, a large number of bacteria, residues and even bloodworms will grow, which will adhere to the inner wall of the hot tank and become a toxic "additive".
It is recommended that the water dispenser be thoroughly cleaned at least once every 2 months. In summer, the temperature is high and bacteria are easy to breed. You should clean it every month, and you can do it at home, and there is more than one way.
1. Wash with homemade lemonade
2. Clean with white vinegar
3. Cleaning with baking soda
detailed steps:
1. Power off. Be sure to unplug the socket before cleaning, do not operate with electricity.
2. Drain the water in the drinking fountain, turn on the hot and cold water switch, and open the sewage outlet (usually a knob made of white plastic) at the back. After all the water is drained, turn off all the outlets.
3. Remove the "smart seat" (that is, the part of the water dispenser that touches the mineral water bucket), and carefully scrub the inner and outer sides of the tank and the lid of the water dispenser with alcohol cotton to prepare for the next disinfection.
4. Then pour white vinegar or lemonade or baking soda water, try to fill the inner tank of the water dispenser with the solution, be sure to fill it up, otherwise it will burn out when heated.
How to see if it is full of inner gall? When the solution in the base does not seep down, open the hot and cold water outlets, and both outlets have solution flowing out, indicating that the inner tank is full.
5. Put the smart seat of the water dispenser back on, then turn on the power and let the water dispenser heat up for 40 minutes.
Then disconnect the power, turn on the heat and cold switch and the drain on the back to let out the solution.
After the cleaning solution is drained, pour in clean water and drain again two or three times, until there is no smell, so that the inside of the water dispenser is cleaned up!
Healthy drinking
1. To increase the frequency of use of drinking fountains, frequent use of drinking fountains is equivalent to frequent flushing with running water, which can reduce scale deposition and bacterial reproduction.
2. After the bottled drinking water is unsealed, it is best to drink it within a week, and it is not advisable to drink raw water after 3 days. It should be boiled before drinking.
3. Sometimes there is no water in the bucket on the drinking fountain, but there is still water in the bucket contacting the tank. This water will accelerate the growth of bacteria after contact with the air, so you should empty the water before changing the water every time.
4. Do not place bottled water in a place exposed to sunlight, and do not buy drinking water that has been stored for too long.