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Hydration In The Winter – Is It Important?

There is a lot of talk about hydration during the summer months and the importance of drinking water when it’s hot, but shouldn’t we be focusing on this all-year round? We are made to think that dehydration is only associated with heat, however, dehydration is still a major issue in the winter months. Your body has to work harder to keep itself warm and therefore if you do not stay hydrated then your body temperature can drop. Drinking enough water in the winter will also encourage you to maintain that healthy lifestyle throughout the entirety of the year. At Glug Glug Glug our goal is to get more and more people drinking water, particularly in the workplace and other working environments like schools and shops.
How Much Water Do We Need?
A debate that has gone on for years, how much water should we all be drinking? This can be influenced by a number of factors such as weight, gender, height and lifestyle choices like the amount of exercise etc. The typical expectation is around 8 glasses a day but most of us don’t stick to this. The best way to tackle this problem is to try and incorporate water into your meals and snacks! From fruit to juice, there will usually be some source of water in the food you consume. During the winter, you could also make the effort to have warm drinks like tea and coffee, if they contain water, as this still counts towards your daily water intake.
Around two-thirds of our bodies are made up of water, so you need to make an effort to look after it. There are many benefits to drinking water such as maintaining weight loss, it reduces the risk of chronic diseases and generally enhances your daily functioning. Water is the main source that controls the way we function throughout the day. It has an effect on all of our body including the digestive, nervous and circulatory system and therefore water consumption is considered one of the most important things in terms of health.
Replace the Water You Use
Like with hotter weather, you need to ensure that you replace any water that is lost throughout the day by drinking water. Dehydration in the winter is not as noticeable due to the lack of sweating and warmth, however, we lose just as much. Especially with exercise, you must ensure that you are replacing the fluids that are lost immediately in order to retain your sugar levels. You should also consider pre-hydrating before any exercise takes place as this will allow you to cope better with the exercise and stay focused.