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Coronavirus (Covid19) and water cooler sanitisation

Coronavirus may spread from contaminated surfaces such as door handles and worktops; lift buttons and phones, so frequently cleaning these high-touch surfaces can help control infection. The office water cooler or instant boiling hot tap is no exception with a shared surface.
Here is some sensible advice with regard to sanitisation and hygiene so that staff are protected and fully aware of the risks of infection. If we take such precautions to limit the spread of coronavirus we can continue to be healthy and hydrated. For the home and low-risk environments, green cleaning products are fine, but here are some clear steps to implement for prevention best practice.
Provide guidance on the correct method of hand washing (wash hands frequently)
Install signs near any drinking equipment, advising staff to wipe the tap, button or lever, not to touch the fountain tap with their mouth or the mouth of their reusable water bottle and to clean their refill bottles regularly.
Provide adequate sanitisation facilities (wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel) for people using the dispensers. Also, ensure anti-bac soap and hot water is available in all bathroom facilities and gels on door entry and exit points.
If any of the team is unwell with suspected coronavirus it is best to clean more often and more intensely and ensure the dispenser is professionally cleaned before further use.
Sanitise your cooler regularly
In these unprecedented times, it is essential to keep the outside of your cooler or dispenser clean. It only takes a minute with an antibacterial wipe to keep it sanitised!
Sanitisation is the cleaning and sterilisation of the mouth and water contact parts of a water dispenser (cooler or fountain), especially the tap mechanism. It is designed to remove biofilm and other bacterial matter from the cooler. Biofilm is organic matter that contains bacteria and can build up on the waster contact surfaces of both bottled and plumber in coolers.
Check the drip tray
Empty and clean the drip tray regularly. To prevent dirt build-up and water leaking from your cooler, simply remove and empty the drip tray. It only takes a minute to do! From time-to-time check that the pipe connections are good by having a quick look around the water cooler and the cooler is performing at its best.