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Top 5 Tips For Staying Hydrated In The Summer

With the summer months approaching, it is highly important to understand how to stay hydrated. During summer, it is usually much hotter than other times of the year and therefore you are more likely to lose water through sweating and other bodily functions. Therefore, it is extremely important to come up with a plan to stay hydrated and also understand how you can stop your body from dehydrating. It is also suggested that over 80% of us in the UK do not drink enough water. But how can we make it easy for ourselves to consume water regularly? We have constructed a list of the top 5 tips to staying hydrated.
1. Always carry a water bottle
One of the best ways to ensure you are drinking plenty of water is to carry a water bottle in your bag with you during the day. If you get thirsty throughout the day then you will be able to simply take out your bottle and have a drink from it, rather than buying a drink that will not hydrate you in the same way. There are a variety of water bottle options available to purchase such as bottles that give you goals to drink from, depending on the time of day. Carrying a water bottle is simply much more convenient and will give you much more opportunities to drink water during the day. It is also great for those who are on the go during their working day as they may not have the same accessibility to water.
2. Eat foods that contain water
For those who struggle to drink a lot of water or simply prefer other beverages, perhaps consider eating more foods that contain a good amount of water! This could include vegetables such as cucumber and peppers but also fruit such as pineapple and watermelon. Foods like soup and sauces may also unusually contain lots of water, so it’s good to consider some of these too. This method is slightly subtler than just out right drinking a glass of water, but may be easier for fussier individuals or those who would prefer it.
3. Try different flavoured water
Another good one for fussy people, a great idea to try is to flavour the water you’re drinking. An example of this could be adding a slice of lemon to your water or any other fruit such as strawberries. Some people find the taste of water too bland or plain and therefore this is a great alternative, as you will still get the same levels of hydration, with an additional taste to the water. You can also purchase specialised water bottles with infusers that allow you to put fruit in them, which will then flavour the water for you.
4. Replenish any water you lose
This may seem obvious but it’s something that many of us still do not do. After any exercise or similar activity, it is important that you hydrate yourself again. During exercise or day-to-day activities, you will lose a varying amount of water and other bodily fluids. This will ensure that your body is replenished with the correct fluids. Not doing this can often cause a headache or tiredness, which I imagine you will want to avoid!
5. Keep a water diary
If you are struggling to keep track of how much water you are drinking, perhaps consider starting a diary. This will allow you to note down all of the fluids that you consume throughout the day, and help you identify parts of the day that you struggle to drink water in and your general pattern for drinking water. It will also give you reminders to drink more water if you are constantly noting it down in your diary.
These tips are simply the ones we believe are most important and useful for those who are trying to improve their water consumption! However, there are many more ways in which you can do this. Stay hydrated in the summer for a healthier and happier season.