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Top 6 Facts About Water

Water is an integral part of our lives and therefore it is not surprising to be interested in the benefits and presence that it has on our Earth. World Water Day is also held on the 22nd of March each year, with thousands of people spending their day to focus their attention on the importance of water. We have constructed a list of the top 6 facts you should know about water, so read on to find out more.
1. 70% of the human brain is water
Many people do not quite realise that a huge majority of the human body is made up of water. The brain particularly needs water and a mix of other chemicals in order to function properly, and a reduction in water can cause disruption in the brain. This is important when it comes to doing daily activities and concentration, as a lack of water can make this very difficult. Water also protects our organs, making it essential in order to survive.
2. Water makes up over 70% of the planet
Most of our planet is covered by water at the surface and contributes to practically every walk of life. This includes weather, agriculture, human life and many other important elements of our planet. Without water, the planet would not be able to survive, so it is highly important that we sustain our water supplies.
3. There are over 600 million people without safe water nearby
Although a lot of our planet is covered in water, millions of people in various countries across the world do not have access to clean and safe water. The countries most in need of clean water include Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Bangladesh, Chad & many more. There are plenty of charities that have been working with these countries in order to provide their citizens with safe drinking water.
4. The human body can only last around a week without water
There have been many studies carried out on this topic and various statements have been made. It is suggested that the human body can only last between 4 days and a week without any form of water consumption. Our bodies are constantly losing water, which is why we need to replenish fluids regularly. We lose water in so many different ways that you may not realise
5. Drinking water regularly helps protect your teeth
Ensuring you are hydrated is important when it comes to your own dental care. It has been highly suggested that good hydration prevents tooth decay and cavities. Water can help wash away any food debris and help keep your saliva levels high, which protects your teeth from any potential damage. Of course, water is not the only thing that will help keep your teeth in good nick, but it certainly helps.
6. Water can help and prevent illnesses
There is no proof that water can cure any disease or illness, however, it has been suggested that it can aid in preventing them from occurring in the first place. Water can do wonders for your health and help in so many different ways. Illnesses that can be prevented or helped by water include arthritis, osteoporosis, constipation, kidney stones, asthma and other seasonal allergies. It is essential that you drink plenty of water in order to stay as healthy as possible.